About Us

 How did Deuce Brand come to life?  

In the wide world of athletics & trend there are many different interpretations of the word Deuce.  Deuce represents the #2 and is worn on the uniforms of some of the greatest athletes across the sports world.  In tennis, Deuce is a situation, as a score of 40–40 in a game or 5–5 in a match, in which a player must score two successive points to win the game or two successive games to win the set.  In the urban, hip hop world, some people hold two fingers in the air as a peace sign and refer that as “throwing a Deuce.” 


 At Deuce Brand we have captured our own interpretation.  To us, Deuce symbolizes the #2 and the struggle that must be overcome in athletics, but more importantly life to become #1.  At some point, whether it may be athletics, work or everyday living we have all been considered number 2, an Underdog!  Deuce Brand represents the Underdog mentality.  


When you wear Deuce Brand, it is a reminder to believe in yourself, your team, your family……And to always have that come from behind WIN type attitude!  So if your teammates or fans call you Deuce, if you are trying to win a Tennis match or throwing a Deuce to say peace, remember when you wear Deuce Brand you represent a new breed of #1!  


Deuce Brand Style

Deuce Brand has been developed by athletes who were inspired to create a brand that reflects their love for athletics and fashion.  Deuce is unique because we do not handcuff ourselves to one specific style or arena of athletics.  We manufacture and design products that are individually created to have that wow factor, but also help athletes perform at the highest level!  The latest trends, great comfort and exceptional quality is what sets Deuce Brand apart from the competition.  It is important to feel your best on and off the playing ground.