5 Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing

April 15, 2015

There’s been a changing of the guard in women’s professional surfing. With the new crop of talented girls coming in, we can say goodbye to the Layne Beachley’s of the world and usher in Alana, Bruna, Steph and crew—more talented and definitely easy on the eyes if you catch our drift. The following list, assembled with us keeping in mind that these girls are both beautiful and can rip...

1.  Alana Blanchard

The bikinis get smaller, and smaller, the scores get higher and higher.  Alana straight up rips and at just eighteen years old qualified for the 2009 ASP World Championship Tour. A two-time champion at the women’s Pipeline Pro, Alana grew up surfing in Kauai with an upbringing with the likes of Bruce and Andy Irons, Reef McIntosh, and best friend/sparring partner Bethany Hamilton.

2. Laura Enever

Beautiful in and out of the water, 18-year old Lauren Enever hails from the competitive hotbed of Australian surfing—North Narrabeen. Growing up with mentors like Nathan Hedge, Chris Davidson, Simon Anderson, and Damien Hardman to name just a few.  A prodigy of Lisa Andersen, Laura will be surfing the Roxy Pro Gold Coast where she’ll no doubt take down some of the old guard—and break a few hearts along the way.

3.  Maya Gaberia

Maya Gaberia, a native of Rio De Janeiro, made international news headlines in October fell in 70- to 80-foot surf at the Portuguese big-wave spot Nazare, only to be resuscitated by her tow-in partner, Carlos Burle. Gabeira also broke her ankle on the wipeout and got into a bit of a tiff with big-wave legend Laird Hamilton, who questioned her skills.  Deuce wishes her good luck on this years tour!

4.  Quincy Davis

One of the youngest surfers on tour, Quincy Davis is the hottest thing to come out of the East Coast since Lisa Anderson. Originally from New York, Quincy splits her time between Long Island and Puerto Rico, and recently displayed her skills on the national stage with “Today Show” host Matt Lauer. The news anchor had a heavy wipeout in the dumping Long Island shorebreak and nearly had to be rescued by the petite princess of East Coast surfing.

5. Coco Ho

Born into Hawaiian surfing royalty (Coco’s dad, Michael, has won the Triple Crown twice and brother Mason is one of Hawaii’s top pros), Coco is one of the most popular girls on the World Tour thanks to her friendly personality and life-of-the-party dance moves.

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