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    We’d like to extend our thoughts and well wishes to everyone and hope you are staying safe during these unprecedented times. 

    Over the last 3 weeks we’ve been busy working on a DEUCE mask that we can offer to our community & beyond. We’ve dedicated a portion of our manufacturing efforts into turning out non-medical grade DEUCE masks.

    On Tuesday, April 21st we’ll give away 2,222 FREE DEUCE masks. With major cities & states asking people to wear face coverings in public, we felt this is a way that we can help contribute during these tough times.  


    We have over 20 athletes & influencers that will join us in this giveaway so make sure you tune in! 
    On Tuesday April 21, we will launch a website link by email and our social media.  Make sure you follow us on Instagram @deucebrand or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom right of this page.  In order to get the FREE DEUCE mask you will need a code.  We will send you this code when you sign up for the giveaway on the website link we will launch.  You will be asked to pay for shipping & handling which is $5.95.  There will only be 2,222 masks available for FREE.  Those people that sign up the fastest have a higher opportunity to get the code first to unlock your FREE DEUCE mask.
    Here are some images of the DEUCE mask for you to check out
    --> Light weight & breathe easy
    --> Made with Polyurethane Material which is comfortable to the face
    --> Comfortable to wear for long periods of time without hurting ears
    --> Can be washed & reused repeatedly 
    --> Conforms to sides of your face
    --> One size fits most
    -->  Non-Medical Grade Mask