Open Gym Premier

Anaheim, CA -- Deuce Brand has partnered with Open Gym Premier as the exclusive wristband partner for the 2016 Elite Basketball Circuit.  Open gym Premier is a full-service grassroots basketball organization providing high-quality, comprehensive services to the basketball community including camps, club teams, leagues, tournaments and training.  Open Gym Premier serves a wide range of basketball enthusiasts, ranging from young novice basketball players to top high school, college, and NBA players.

'Deuce Brand is a proven lifestyle leader in the basketball community', said Open Gym Premier CEO, Matt Kanne.  "Their premium bands and watches have adorned the wrists of hundreds of prominent basketball players across the globe."

Deuce Brand will provide premium wristbands for all outstanding performers at the Elite Basketball Circuit camps.  Each wristband is manufactured with the Deuce Stretch Fit Technology, a silicone stretch component that allows the wristband to be fully reversible.

Open Gym Premier Anaheim Ca

Open gym premier with kobe and kayne west

Open gym premier awards with deuce brand

Open Gym Premier Deuce Band

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March 30, 2016

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