About Us

Deuce Brand is a California lifestyle company built on the foundation of creating the world’s hottest wrist wear accessories.  Launched in 2010 out of downtown San Diego, CA. Deuce Brand was created to embody the Underdog mentality in all of us. The core value of our brand is having a #2 mindset while constantly striving to become #1 in everything you do. The company motto, “Look Good, Play Good” was adopted as part of the Deuce Brand culture and has been a key ingredient in the products that we develop for our community.

Deuce Brand watches, wristbands and apparel have quickly caught the attention of the sports, lifestyle and fashion retail markets. Our products can be found on trend setters around the globe.  We thrive on offering unique accessories & apparel that turn heads with high quality, affordable pricing, fresh colors and fully customizable options.