Last week in Los Angeles, the Jordan Brand revealed its new private basketball space built inside an 80,000 square foot airplane hangar. This awe-inspiring facility is an invitation only space and is meant to house Los Angeles basketball stars, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, both athletes who are sign to the brand.

The West Los Angeles Jordan Complex resembles that of the Terminal 23 facility in New York City the brand created for Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. Sounds like it pays off to sign with an illustrious name like Jordan.  The officially dubbed Jordan Hangar houses: - A custom painted full size, regulation basketball court, equipped with a three-paneled jumbotron, which will host local high school basketball events as well as off season training and future product testing for the company.

-Entering the Jordan Hangar, guests are guided down the mini Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame with each Jordan Brand athlete getting a their own star as well as a wall artfully depicting Jordan's accomplishments. -Two interactive performance measurement stations where players can pick up a ball and mimic the on-screen drill performed by various Jordan athletes. -Two NBA style lockerooms, one for Chris Paul and one for Blake Griffin, fully equipped with a dozen lockers each, leather lounge chairs and couches and a 75 inch flat screen TV set up with NBA 2K.  Check out the video tour of the facility and let us know what you think.


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