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Raffaella said:

I want to buy a kyrie irving’ brand. Where I can buy it?

Elijah Raymond said:

I can not seem to find kyrie Irving wristbands and I’m looking forward to finding one

Diana said:

Hi I would like to purchase a Kyrie Irving premium wristband for my grandson. Please let me know how I can purchase. Thank you

Chris said:

I was wondering how to purchase a kyrie Irving premium wristband if possible. Thank you, -Chris

Claudia said:

Hi I would like to purchase the kyrie Irving wrist band for my child, how do I go about that and how much would that be?

Cruz gallegos said:

Can I buy the dribble2much or handle life band please

Ryan said:

I really really want this kyrie irving premium stretch band. Is it possible if i could get one of this kind? Please let me know if its available. Thank you.

Garrett Evans said:

Where can I get one of these Kyrie Irving black bracelets?? They look great and I’m willing to buy one!

Ross Bland said:

Hey Deuce,

I’ve been a supporter and wearer now for a long time over here in the UK!

With regards to the premium wristbands (like the Kyrie Irving bands) I got a couple of these from you a few years back now! Are these only available now to customise? I am desperate to get my hands on some more (and smaller sized ones if they exists) I was wondering if there was anything at all you have? And if so how much?

I’m guessing there is a minimum order quantity on the custom bands which I why I don’t do it, just don’t have the money Ha!

Thanks in advance for your reply.

You friends from across the pond!


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