Grayson “The Professor” Boucher is known world wide for wowing crowds in streetball games with his amazing skills. Today he is arguably the most popular streetball player ever.

Born and raised in Keizer, Oregon, just outside the state’s capitol of Salem, his love for basketball began at age three when his father bought him a Larry Bird Hoops set. After many years and countless hours in the gym, practicing in his driveway, attending basketball camps, playing in youth leagues and AAU basketball he developed first rate skills. Grayson always has taken pride in outworking all of his peers and showing improvement every year.

In high school, he was always shorter than most of his teammates and thus undervalued by his high school coaches. Even in his junior year at McNary High School, Grayson was relegated to the J.V. team. He knew he had to become a starter on the varsity level in order to get a look by a college team. So, he transferred to a smaller private school, Salem Academy. He won the starting point guard spot and was determined to work harder than anyone else. This paid off, and he became an All-State selection averaging 20 points and 7 assists. Grayson was just one vote shy from league MVP.


Despite impressive senior year stats, he didn’t receive any offers to play college ball. To increase his chances for a scholarship, he walked on at Chemeketa Community College. His assistant coach at the time, David Abderhalden, saw the promise others had overlooked. He mentored Grayson in the gym and on the court, pushing him to reach new heights. As a result, Grayson made vast improvements in his game.


Grayson had been a fan of the And 1 Mixtapes since 1999 and eventually the Mixtape Tour when it launched 2001. When the And 1 Mixtape Tour stopped in Portland in 2003, he grabbed his brother and went as a fan. Although he knew that AND 1 was having an open run, he had no idea that there was a nation wide contest in order for team And 1 to recruit a new player. So he ended up competing in the open run deciding to go for it. After turning out the open run and impressing the likes of current And 1 Mixtape it turned out that instead of watching the game that night, he ended up playing in it. After an impressive performance in the main game, he was invited onto the tour bus to be a contestant on the ESPN tv show called ‘Streetball.’ ESPN viewers voted overwhelmingly to keep him on the tour. During this time, MC Duke Tango dubbed him “The Professor” for “schooling people on the court.” Being that he is one of few white street ball payers and small in size (5’10″ 150lbs) compared to most basketball players he captivates fans like no other. His ability to put on a show on the court along with him being a persistent succeeding underdog have made him a fan favorite ever since.

After years of hard work and pursuing his passion, Grayson Boucher found himself to have had a great run with AND 1. He has played in over 40 countries and has been featured in 6 seasons of “Streetball” on ESPN, 5 AND 1 Mixtape DVD’s, 4 AND 1 Commercials and an And 1 Video Game. Not one to ever remain content, he continues training and playing every day year round.


The Professor has played organized basketball aside from Streetball. While still contracted by the company, he played for the Salem Stampede in the IBL (Intercontinental Basketball League) in the 2006 season and played for the Atlanta Krunk in the CBA (Continental Basketball Association) during the 2007-2008 season.

2011 was a rebirth year for streetball. Due to And 1 the company being bought out several times and re branded, The Professor and 5 of his original And 1 teammates left And 1 to be a part of what today is the #1 streetball company in the world ‘Ball Up Streetball.’ You can find him this summer on Fox Sports Network playing on season 3 of the Ball Up Tour.

Aside from touring The Professor continues to brand via social media, train youth individuall, host camps/clinics teaching the fundamentals of the game, pursue different acting/appearence opportunities as well as work with different ministries that use basketball as a tool to spread the gospel to youth.




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