SHAPER STUDIOS is the world’s first DIY surfboard workshop and retail surf shop. Emerging from San Diego’s progressive surf culture, Shaper Studios is a tribute to the original California surf shop. The first surf shops were a place were surfboards were made and a clubhouse for the local surfers.

At Shaper Studios, their friendly staff of surfboard builders has a passion for sharing the art of surfboard design with surfers of all ages. Through private Surfboard Shaping Lessons and Group Surfboard Shaping Classes, novice surfers and advanced surfers alike can learn this time-honored craft.

The Shaper Studios Membership plan allows you to enjoy unlimited access to our clean shaping bays, professional shaping tools, and wide array of templates. We specialize in having the widest array of custom glassing and artwork options; everything from your own digital logo to fine resin color work.

Recently SS has expanded from their original shop in San Diego, to opening workshops in Costa Mesa and Vancouver, Canada.


April 22, 2015


Becky Hayes said:

Hola. I was interested in purchasing a shaping gift for my husband. He’s an advanced surfer, and I think he’d absolutely love this opportunity. Can you kindly email me the details? We live in Cardiff. Thank you.

Kaden said:

How do you sign up for a lesson

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