Cedi Osman NBA deuce basketball motivational wristband
Cedi Osman of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, has been rocking the 'Underdog Mentality' Deuce basketball wristband during the NBA Playoffs.  Originally from the Republic of Macedonia, the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Cedi as the 31st pick in the 2015 NBA draft with the Cleveland Cavaliers picking up his rights the same night.   He had his best year as a NBA player this year playing in 61 games and starting 12 of them.  


Cedi has become a fan favorite in Cleveland.  Lebron James was recently quoted "He doesn't know.  He's out there just playing for the love of the game.  He's going to make mistakes which is ok, but his purity of the game is infectious to our team.  He hasn't been in many situations, so he's not even going to trip about whats going on."  



Check out some of Cedi's Highlights versus the Atlanta Hawks by the House of Highlights...enjoy!

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