The Deuce 2.0 is our next generation wrist band that is worn and off the court at the highest level.  This premium wrist band is made of ultra soft silicone and can be worn two different ways.  This new band features the Deuce #TwoInTheAir Peace logo and two motivational quotes: "Underdog Mentality" and "Look Good Play Good."  The Deuce 2.0 will launch on June 29th at 6pm and will be at $18.99 per band.  The initial 3 color ways are the Classic 2.0, Rasta 2.0, and Stealth 2.0 and will be available exclusively on

Deuce brand stealth wristband

Deuce Brand rasta silicone wristband


June 27, 2017
Tags: Deuce 2.0


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