Deuce Brand made custom silicone wristbands for NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant!  The bands feature his "E$" Easy Money nick name embossed into the band in two locations.  It also features his motto for the season: "Clock In.  Woes Up Now."  These bands also feature the "KD" on the reversible badge!  These premium bracelets feature up to 4 different color combinations in one band.  Look Good Play Good Wear Deuce.

Two of the best high school players from the class of 2017, Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr, are seen wearing the custom wristband in the photos with KD.  We know they are going to do big things for their respective universities next year.

Kevin durant deuce brand silicone bracelet

Trae Young deuce brand wristband 


Derrick childs said:

I bought everything the website had and I love it

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