Filayyyyy and Deuce Brand have collaborated to bring you the first Filayyyy Capsule Collection that will be launching on this Friday June 28th! The launch will include TShirts, Deuce Basketball 2.0 Wristbands, and Filayyyy stickers.  Jesse told Deuce, "I’m hyped about this clothing line I’m creating, because my brand represents me, which brings lot of passion and work into everything. "  

The Filayyyy Movement was founded in 2015, and started from Jesse chasing his own goal to be a Pro Baller!  It started off with him having fun and now building it into a worldwide movement.  Filayyyy is a saying for 'Cooking someone on the court,' and also means using your talents to be great in your own way!  Jesse stresses to chase your own Dream - anything is possible, DREAM Big!

Deuce Brand will be launching more capsule collections with FIlayyyy!  Stay tuned for more releases in the coming weeks!

Filayyyy tshirts and deuce brand basketball wristbands

 filayyyy basketball wristbands deuce brand NBA


Baraka Lee said:

Jesse Jones is my idol the day that I meant him is the day that my life is complete💯🔥💯

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