frances tiafoe mens tennis wearing deuce brand #beyourowngoat wristbands

BIG NEWS! Rising tennis superstar Frances Tiafoe won the US Men's Clay Court Championships at the ATP Houston tournament over Tomas Martin Etcheverry in April 2023.  Tiafoe won all four of his matches in two weekend days as he claimed the ATP 250 trophy without losing a set. This is a major achievement in his young career. He won the title while he was wearing his Deuce #BEYOUROWNGOAT and BELIEVE. WHY NOT ME. wristbands.

The #BEYOUROWNGOAT wristband is meant to encourage athletes to focus on their own goals and aspirations rather than comparing themselves to others. Be Your Own Goat was started in partnership with Coach Phil Handy. Frances has taking a liking to this mantra and as well as BELIEVE. WHY NOT ME. and doesn't step onto the court without wearing these 2 bands.

It's great to see athletes like Tiafoe wearing accessories like this to promote positive thinking and self-belief. It's also a reminder that success is not just about talent and hard work, but also about mindset and attitude. Congratulations to Frances Tiafoe on his victory, we hope his success inspires others to be your own goat too.


frances tiafoe mens tennis wearing deuce brand motivational wristbands

April 28, 2023

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