kyrie Irving deuce brand basketball bands
Kyrie Irving has helped the Boston Celtics make the NBA take notice of their red hot start to the 2017-2018 season by starting out a leagues best 14-2 record.  Kyrie has a new start with Boston, but is continuing some of his old habits....wearing Deuce Brand on and off the court.  He is currently wearing the newest Deuce product, Deuce 2.0!  This band has been customized for Kyrie with specific logos and motivational sayings around the band, "Fear Is Not Real" and "Underdog Mentality" on the inside of the band.  Stay tuned for new custom bands that Deuce Brand is designing for Kyrie that he will be wearing in upcoming games!
Kyrie Irving Deuce brand custom silicone wristband
Kyrie Irving Nba wristband deuce brand
Kyrie Irving Nba wristband deuce brand


Vipul Vyas said:

I am a big fan of Kyrie…….when can I get one of these

Callum said:

Hey so I see Deuce Brand post a lot of Kyrie Irving wristbands and I’m wondering when they will be available to buy. He is my favourite player and I desperately want them.

Yeuri Iven said:


Pedro Santos said:

When will a Kyrie Irving’s Boston Celtics Deuce 2.0 wristband be available?

D’Andre said:

How can I get one of these

Dominic Cancelliere said:

I am a big fan of Deuce Brand and Kyrie Irving happens tube my favorite player. I would love to get a Kyrie Irving Deuce band.

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