NBA rising star Jayson Tatum recently starred in an episode of NBA 2KTV with Rachel DeMita.  After just playing just one year at Duke University, and being the 3rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, Jayson just finished a very successful rookie season with the Boston Celtics.  He was a key factor in helping the Celtics make a very deep playoff run making it to the 7th game of the Eastern Conference Finals.  In the Playoffs, Jayson was averaging 18.2 points per game scoring a total of 351 points in the post season.  He was one point shy of the rookie scoring record in the playoffs which is held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s.  That is pretty good company to be in!

NBA 2KTV is an original series produced by Visual Concepts.  Debuting in 2015, it is available to watch both in-game, and on the official NBA 2K YouTube channel.  The show covers NBA 2K gaming and the NBA, featuring interviews with developers and NBA players alike. It also spotlights NBA 2K gamers, and covers events such as the Road To The Finals tournament in 2K Pro-Am. Some episodes reveal upcoming games features that could include the addition of more retro teams, gameplay enhancements, and other teasers. It is hosted by Rachel DeMita.

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