Jeremy Jones and Deuce Brand recently dropped the Never Fold Collection.  Jeremy Jones was behind the YouTube group KickGenius.  This channel featured basketball and sneaker related news.  As Jeremy is taking off on his next venture, he has started a new YouTube channel: LifeWithJJones. 

When the new collection dropped last month Jeremy said, 'Never Fold has always been special to me, and I’m thankful that I can share what it represents and means to me, with you. Collection ZERO is now here!' The collection ZERO included two Never Folds TShirts, two Never Fold wristbands, and the Never Fold shorts.  This Limited Edition collection sold out in 2 hours!  Make sure you stay tuned for the next Never Fold release as it is sure to sell out too!


Marquell said:

Best basketball player

Shyon Chess said:

Never fold gear look tough

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