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deuce professor band

#GOTHANDLES | It's a catchy tagline was created by Grayson "The Professor" Boucher to inspire basketball players of all ages stay on top of your game & ball handling skills.  The Professor x Deuce Brand have teamed up to create the most unique silicone wristband on the planet & worn 24/7 to inspire the #GOTHANDLES lifestyle.

Created to be as cool as those that wear it!  Every #GOTHANDLES wristband is manufactured with the our Stretch Fit Technology; a silicone stretch component that allows the wristband to be fully reversible.  One side of this Signature wristband features the #GOTHANDLES and the other has the trademarked Deuce Two In The Air logo.  This gives you four different style options with just a flip of the wristband or badge.  

Made with an ultra soft silicone for extreme comfort to the wrist.  All logos/wording etched on our wristbands are made by a high quality silicone injection process that will allow the color combination & designs to pop while on your wrist.  Take your wrist game to the next level with the #GOTHANDLES wristband.  LOOK GOOD. PLAY GOOD. WEAR DEUCE.


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