Johnny Stephene first started playing basketball as a young kid.  His passion became an obsession in the way of teaching ball handling and growing others to the develop the craft that he perfected.  The excitement that it gave him to watch a player work on something every day or watching them become successful in their craft made him want to focus on it full time.  The goal is to inspire, guide, and motivate athletes and the everyday person to follow their passion through innovation.  'Handle' is the craft and 'Life' is making the decision to put two feet in, thus you have Handlelife.

How you choose to handle your life ON and OFF the court can affect how you make important decisions for the future.  Johnny has helped train some of the NBA's top players including Kevin Durant, Demar Derozan, Avery Bradley, Seth Curry, Gilbert Arenas, and Nate Robinson to name a few.  Handlelife was grown with the ever expanding wave of social media and has became a dominate movement within the basketball community.




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