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Devin Williams

In 2008 author Malcolm Gladwell stated in his book, Outliers: Story of Success, in order to have success in any field, 10,000 hours of practice/training must be achieved. Filmmaker and basketball trainer, Devin Williams captures the art of filmmaking through his passion and love for basketball in the world-renowned You Tube series 10,000 hours.

Devin, born and raised in Gardena, California, began playing basketball at the age of 8. After playing for and graduating from Price High School, Devin attended the University of Fresno State and later made his way to the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.

Devin always maintained an interest in basketball. For a class project at the Academy of Arts, Devin was asked to develop a “Day In The Life” video. This is where his first Episode of 10,000 Hours was created as he captured a “Day In The Life” of a basketball player. Uploading it to You Tube may have only been meant to view by his professor, but ended up going viral worldwide.

Today, Devin makes a living by training young athletes and putting them through the “10,000 hours” test of training in a session that he calls, “In The Lab” Training. Capturing these athletes from home, to school, and during their training sessions, Devin has completely redefined what it means to be a trainer in this Internet generation.

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