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    Handlelife x Stance | Sock Collaboration

    Deuce Fam Johnny "Dribble 2 Much" Stephene and Stance Socks recently teamed up to launch his own signature sock!  Over the course of the past few years, Johnny has worked with a handful of the NBA's best players and built up a huge social media following. He's also established the brand "Handlelife," which inspires people to perfect their craft and innovate. Now Stephene, one of the foremost dribbling instructors in the world, has a Handlelife Fusion Hoops sock to match his game. The crew sock, based in the brand's colors of blue and orange, features the Handlelife logo as an embroidery on both socks. Go cross a defender in style!  Buy a pair of his socks sold exclusively through Stance: Buy Now

    Handlelife x stance socks

    handlelife stance sock